Interstate Office Moves

Our Brisbane Removalists are Specialist Office Movers

Moving office is a considerably different undertaking to organising  a house move. Our focus during an office move is to plan effectively, minimise disruption and execute flawlessly. So the business owners of Brisbane can get back to what they do best, as quickly as possible.

Our years of experience have assisted us in developing our 8 Stage Office Relocation Plan:

  1. In-Person Inspection
    This allows us to get a feel of the office, the requirements of the job and to most accurately assess the time required. This on site evaluation is essential in setting the foundation for the full process.
  2. Expectations Questionnaire
    If you’re in business, then you understand the majority of issues arise from a mis-communication of expectations. We establish very clearly and very early on, your expectations and requirements, so we build the plan to meet those needs. The result is accurate pricing and peace of mind that we have your move covered.
  3. Pricing and Removals Plan
    Once we have compiled the information collected in Step 1 and 2, we can put together an accurate prices schedule and provide you with the plan. The reality is our packing  team and removalists can do as little or as much as you require.
  4. Acceptance of Offer
    Upon acceptance of the offer set out in our removals plan our team can commence the remainder of the plan.
  5. Pre-Move Packing Boxes and Supplies
    Every office is different, some get each staff member to pack their own. Some pack none. Some have staff carrying couches. As we said above, we can do as little or as much as you require. In turn we require each business move to purchase or have appropriate packing supplies and boxes. This streamlines the process of packing and moving and is essential in executing the plan.
  6. Office Road Maps
    Every office has a different set of road rules, some areas are highways, some take a little less traffic. Here we make sure everything is appropriately labelled and then delivered to the right areas at your new office. This is an essential component in minimising downtime.
  7. Moving Day
    Our Sydney to Brisbane removalists will take care of everything that has been defined in the steps above. Our trained professionals are experts and this process is actually the easiest bit. This is why we develop such an extensive planning procedure, so just let the guys go through the motions.
  8. Assembly/Unpacking/Clean-Up
    Our team provides a full moving service, so if you need we can have desks reassembled, boxes unpacked and any leftovers cleaned up.

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